Ecommerce: Do DTC stores need Shopify Reviews App? (2022)

Vishwesh Shetty

The first thing that most shopify stores do when setting up their Shopify Store is Install a Shopify Reviews App. There are some incredibly great reviews app like Loox,,, etc on Shopify AppStore. They make it extremely easy to acquire and showcase reviews on Shopify Store.

reviews from Shopify Reviews App

Except there is just one problem!

A recent study by Baymard reveals that users are extremely skeptical of reviews on direct-to-consumer sites. A vast majority of users expressed a deep mistrust of information from a store's website. This mistrust stems from the belief that such information and reviews could be easily edited by the store themselves to cast the business in good light.

So you do need a Shopify Reviews app to acquire reviews, but having those reviews on your website may not be enough to build trust.

Customers prefer to do their own research before buying

According to data from Thinking With Google, 53 percent of shoppers claim they do their research before purchasing online to ensure they are making the best choice.

Thinkwithgoogle Customer Research

The focus of such research is usually on reviews, product details, and social media presence. Consumers want to know the experience of previous product users, get more information about the product, and get information about the business, brand representation, and authenticity.

There is a leaning among consumers toward third parties and independent sites when researching a product they intend to buy. Hence the need for independent unbiased information.

Why you need a positive Google SEO presence beyond your own website!

Customers rely heavily on Google for their research. The trend amongst users of e-commerce sites is to search for the product and business they intend to patronize on Google. However, more often than not, the final decision on patronage is dependent on the outcome of the search.

In the same Baymard study, 62% of DTC agreed to do their own research when purchasing from an unfamiliar brand. Infact, 29% of users actually went away from store during their test session for external information.

How does helps you build trust with your Customers using your existing Shopify Reviews App! develops an SEO optimized landing pages for you that showcase stats about your business like Ordes Processed, Customers, Traffic, Years in Business etc to build trust with customers researching about your brand

You can configure your profile pushing reviews from your existing Shopify Reviews app. You can configure Upsell Tiered Discounts, Showcase your Instagram presence, Display curated Videos from influencers, Unboxing, product demos etc.

Brand Stats

eShopBrands Brand Stats

Knowing that stores have processed thousands of order will help customer trust them. automatically fetches this data through Shopify API integration guaranteeing that these stats and genuine and syncs real-time. New DTC stores can opt to disable these stats.

Brand Reviews

eShopBrands Brands Reviews

Genuine Reviews uploaded by stores using their existing reviews app. We mark it as verified buyer only if the name/email can be matched with the Shopify Orders through our API integration.

Brand Curated Videos

eShopBrands Curated Videos

Store Owners can curate videos that showcase influencer reviews, unboxing, product demos etc. Videos helps customer know more about product and make a decision about their purchase.

Brand Discounts

eShopBrands Discount

Store Owners can configure discounts that can help in conversion or push for tiered Upsells. This will also help the landing page rank for searches related to "Brandname Discounts"

About your brand

Customers can know more about the brand, their goals, their origin and what they stands for. Store owner can also share contact details for support and shopping queries.

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