How can unfamiliar DTC Stores build trust with shoppers? (2022)

Vishwesh Shetty

Today DTC Stores are reaching out to new customers through Ads on Instagram & Tiktok. These Ads are attractive enough to develop curiosity and bring customers onto the store but how would you convince the customer to trust your brand which is unfamiliar to them?

Here we compile some of the strategies for DTC stores to build trust with their store visitors.

1. Display your Social Presence.

It's quite easy to build up a fake store, but really difficult to fake your Social Media presence. As per Omkar, who works as a Digital Marketer whenever he comes across an unfamiliar brand he simply tries to find them on Instagram. Brand with decent number of followers and active Social Presence is guaranteed to be able to build trust. You can find Instagarm Feed apps to do this. (

2. Embed customer reviews (Videos).

Good Reviews about a product may seem comforting for your shoppers but most understand that text reviews could just be made up by the stores themselves. To seem more convicing, you need real images and video reviews from your customers. The reviews would come across more genuine if they come from your customer's Social Accounts.

You can use several apps to accomplish this, one of the go to strategy is to reshare you customer reviews on your Instagram profile and embed them using Instafeed Instagram Feed/Story app (

3. Make your website look professional

A genuine DTC brand would presumably have a budget to build a professional website. Most scam stores would not take lot of efforts to build a good looking website. Your website should be responsive, load quickly and smooth to navigate.

4. Share story about the brand and the founders.

When you come across a brand which has a story that feels real, the brand looks genuine. If customers can see faces behind the brand, their background its easier to figure if they are qualified to be able to build a quality product. As per Mihir Karkare, for high value product he would find information about the founders through their LinkedIn profile to understand if he can trust the brands.

5. Build your online presence

As per Google Thinkwhynot, 53% of the shoppers would research online before making a buying decision. Most DTC stores have very limited presence outside their own website. Getting featured on platforms like, would help you build positive third party presence

6. Let your customer take a sneak peek into your stats.

Wouldn't you trust a brand if you knew they have processed more than a thousand orders in last one month and has a customer base in millions. With you can setup your SEO oprimized brand profile where customers can see in real time the number of orders processed, customers server, traffic on the store etc. These brand stats are pulled real-time from the APIs and guaranted to be genuine.