Vishwesh Shetty

I came across this idea from a tweet from Kurt Elster about Baymard Study which stated that Shoppers don't trust reviews on DTC Sites. The research suggested that most people researched before buying from unfamiliar DTC brands. About 29% of shoppers actually went away from the DTC site to search for them. This gave me an idea, what if we build an SEO optimized landing page which would allow brands to build trust with shoppers researching about them.

eShopBrands.io helps DTC stores share stats, discounts, reviews and social presence about their brand to build trust with shoppers. This info is hosted on our SEO optimized landing page which organically ranks high on keywords like "Is {brandname} genuine", "{brandname} reviews", "{brandname} discounts" etc.

Shopify Reviews Apps

So shoppers who are researching about you on Google, come across this page and can know more about your brand to understand your brand is genuine.

The best part is eShopBrands.io is free to use. So you get a free SEO optimized positive presence on the internet. We intend to monetize later only through the traffic that we send to your store.